Frequently Asked Questions

Asternic PRO updates data in real time (As soon as it is logged), while the LITE version uses a cron job to incorporate new data at scheduled intervals.

PRO version includes several more reports, has access control and levels, search, agent reports, custom formulas, etc.

The Lite version is free, licensed under GPL3, while the PRO version is commercial software.

For a more in depth list of difference see this table

State of the art reporting for your Asterisk Call Center! You will gain insights about your call/contact center operations. It also includes one year of software upgrades and priority support from the day you buy it.

The PRO license is to be used on one server only. You cannot use it on many different servers simultaneously. If you want to move your license from one server to a different one use the revoke procedure.

The Devel license allows you to install it up to 5 servers into the same organization.

If you have a trial license, you must revoke it first by login in as an admin and selecting Setup => License, where you will see a Revoke button.

Alternatively you can delete or rename the asterniclic.php file located into the Call Center Stats PRO web root directory, usually located in /var/www/html/stats/asterniclic.php.

Then browse the software main page and it will ask you for a registration code again, put the one you received via email when you bought the license.

It costs u$s500 per server. There is no per seat license. That means that you can have unlimited queues, agents and users with it.

Yes. Asterisk call queues are inherently inbound, however, depending on the dialer you use, or even by creative use of the Asterisk dialplan you can monitor outbound calls, even by placing dialer calls inside a queue to be delivered to available agents, or by modifying your outbound calls context to add fake events to the queue_log whenever an outbound call is placed. We provide such context for Issabel or FreePBX based systems, and a generic README on how to use the same idea on any Asterisk installation.

No. Asternic Call Center Stats reports on Queues activities by means of the asterisk queue_log file. Ring groups do not log activity in the queue_log file.

Yes. Just follow the installation guide and fill the “Request Trial” form once installed. It will automatically retrieve a trial license file so you can test drive the software.

FreePBX and Issabel use numbers for queue names internally, the reports display the real data. If you want to change that, the Pro version has dictionaries for queues or agent names.

Asternic Call Center Stats PRO has a non nonsense license. You need only one license per server. That means that you can monitor multiple queues and agents, and have unlimited users accessing the reports.

Asternic Call Center Stats PRO gathers information/knowledge from the Asterisk generated /var/log/asterisk/queue_log file. The asterniclog service will monitor that file and it will populate Asternic databases when information is logged into that file.

Knowing that, there are two possible reasons you are not seeing any queues or agents for selection once you log into Asternic:

  • The asterniclog service is not running, or your queue_log file is empty or not populated yet
  • The user you used to log does not have any allowed agents or queues to be shown

In the former case, be sure to check the status of the service:

service asterniclog status

If it returns some kind of error or says its stopped, you can start it with:

service asterniclog start

If the service is running, then check if your queue_log file has any meaningful data, you can do so with this command:

grep ENTERQUEUE /var/log/asterisk/queue_log

If you do not see any output, it means your queues did not get any calls yet. Try directing calls to queue to start getting data.

In the later case (user permissions), go to Setup / Users and be sure that the user has all queues and all agents allowed. Then try again.